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Sophomore Year



Players should take their PSAT during the Fall of their sophomore year or junior year. The PSAT is good practice for the SAT.


On-Line Player Profiles

Freshman and sophomore athletes should post their player profile on an internet website.  College Coaches can view and track the progress of the high school freshman and sophomore athletes when they visit the on-line player profiles of juniors and seniors.

Tips: Choose an internet website to publish your on-line player profile where there is already college coaches visiting the site.  It takes years to get college coaches to visit on-line profiles on a website.  Ask the website owner what methods they use to encourage college coaches to visit their website.  Also, ask the owner for proof that college coaches are visiting the website to view the on-line player profiles.


Videos &  Profiles

Competitive Div. 1 programs scout athletes 1 and 2 years in advance of their senior year.  As a consequence, mature athletes should mail or e-mail out resumes  and film their videos during their sophomore year.  The spring part of the sophomore year is a good time to mail or e-mail out resumes and film the video. Please see resumes and videos under Junior Year for more details. 

Video Tip:  There are many companies that offer packages to help athletes get college scholarships.  Many of these companies do not film or edit videos.  Ask the salesman of these companies if you can view one of their videos before agreeing to their package.


Junior Year


Players should take their SAT and ACT their junior year, preferably in the Spring. They should plan to take the SAT and ACT at least twice. Take the SAT the second time in the Fall of your senior year. Most players usually make a better score on their second test. To register for the SAT, Click here. To register for the ACT, Click here.


Return Questionnaires

Return all questionnaires sent to you by all the colleges as soon as possible. Delay indicates lack of interest!


Cover Letter

Attach a cover letter when you mail your resume, video or return a questionnaire to the college coach. The cover letter should let the coach know why you are interested in their particular college.  It should mention the fit between the college and your area of study and geographical preference.  Hand written cover letters usually make a bigger impact with the college coach.   CLICK HERE for a sample cover letter.


On-Line Player Profile

Update your on-line player profile.


High School Coach

During your junior year, let your high school coach know what schools you are interested in. He/she can often provide valuable advice and help you get exposure


The best time to schedule the filming of your Skill and/or Hi-Light video is during the season of your particular sport in your sophomore or junior year. The video should be mailed to the colleges of your choice in May and June. A schedule of your travel team's summer tournaments should accompany each video.

If you wish to attend a particular college and you have not received any contact after sending them your resume, send them your video. Some college coaches will respond to a video but will not respond to the resume.

Follow-up with a phone call within a few weeks after sending your video. For softball, it is important for the coaches to receive your video in May and June so that they can watch you play in a tournament before July 1. July 1 is the date for all sports except football in which college coaches and faculty members can first make a phone call to a player who has finished their junior year in high school.  Click here to find out the contents of your sport video made by College Sports Exposure.

Tips: It is best to get your video filmed and edited professionally.  If the college coach is interested in you, the coach may play your video several times.  First impressions are critical.  Do not use just anyone to film your video, like a wedding videographer because they likely know little about your sport and sports related decisions needed to be made during the filming and editing process. 

Plan your filming well in advance of your senior year.  It's amazing how the weather doesn't cooperate when you want to film your video.  Furthermore, editing requires considerable time to pick through the footage, make right decisions, title and copy.  Also, footage can become corrupt or the computer or editor becomes inoperable during the editing process.    


Senior Year

NCAA Clearinghouse

Check with the Clearinghouse to see if they have received your high school transcript, SAT and ACT scores.

Up-dated Resume

Send out an up-dated resume with a high school schedule or fall travel team schedule in August and September of your senior year. This will help remind the coaches to come and watch you play in the fall before the signing dates. National Letter of Intent signing dates are given in the following table:

NCAA Signing Dates always start on a Wednesday.  These National Letter of intent signing dates are subject to change. Click here to insure the above NCAA National Letter of intent signing have not been revised.  NAIA college coaches can sign players anytime during the year.  NJCAA signing dates end two weeks before the Fall College semester begins.  NJCAA college coaches can request an extension to sign players after the end of the signing date.  Contact the NJCAA at 719-590-9788 to determine whether any of their signing dates have been changed.

Up-date Player Profile

Up-date your on-line player profile.


Visit the College

It is never too early to visit a school. Arrange visitations in the Fall with the schools you are interested in.


College Applications

Start collecting college applications. Be aware of deadlines. Complete and mail applications early and let the coaches know you have applied

3 Year Preparation Plan