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College Sports Exposure (CSE) offers the most comprehensive promotional packages available for qualified student-athletes.

College Sports Exposure calls their program the Exposure Package. It is currently available only for softball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, golf and soccer players.

Most companies that offer a similar comprehensive package either
do not film or film and edit a video. Great editing is not going to help a player get a scholarship, if the proper content and angles are not filmed. If you use another company, make sure their package includes filming.

Be sure to ask the salesman to show and play some of their skills or high-light sample videos, so you know what you are paying for.

Most companies do not network with college coaches. College Sport Exposure goes to tournaments to network with the college coaches.

Click Here to view College Sports Exposure networking at a softball tournament.

Click Here to view College Sports Exposure networking at a volleyball tournament.

Post your signing on CSE.  Cost = $1,800.00  Click Here to visit Our Store”.

College Sports Exposure requires a recommendation by the player’s coach and/or peers.

College Sports Exposure verifies personal information of the prospect and accepts the prospect based on strict requirements.

CSE does not accept prospects who are not good academic students or do not meet minimum NCAA academic requirements.  All prospects meet NCAA standard requirements.

CSE places great emphasis on the character and attitude of every prospect we recommend. We will not accept prospects with questionable character or a bad attitude.

We ask for and check personal character references.

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College Sports Exposure Package

On-Line Videos

Some players have on-line videos.  The video can be viewed by clicking on the    next to the player name.

Some videos play with Windows Media Player and others play with Quick Time Movie Player.


A high speed connection such as Road Runner or DSL is necessary to play the videos.