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View some of our professionally filmed and edited streaming videos and find out more about professionally filmed and edited DVD's and streaming videos content.  Click Here  to find out more about our professionally designed resumes and College Sports exposure resume options.

College Sports Exposure's methods are proven to be effective. We invite you to read what our parent's say about our Process and how it helped them get the exposure, recognition and scholarship opportunities for their athletes. We provide a complete solution to getting exposure to the college of your choice. Take a look at our step-by-step exposure process. Then review comments from some of our clients.

College Sports Exposure also has booths at softball, volleyball and other sports tournaments. Visit the booths to learn about the recruiting process and our tailor made recruiting packages. We publicize the booths & seminars.  To learn more about our booths, free consultations, free seminars, and other sports tournament Contact Us.

Visit the booths to learn about the recruiting process and our tailor made recruiting packages.,

College Sports Exposure encourages all softball, baseball, soccer and volleyball players to participate in our service. Freshman, sophomores juniors, seniors and college players wishing to transfer to another college are all welcome.  For a one-time fee of $80.00, athletes are posted on College Sports Exposure throughout their high school career. Keep your stats up to date.  College Sports Exposure will up-date your stats 4 times per year, absolutely free! This insures that your profile looks its best at all time to the college coaches

College Sports Exposure would like to congratulate some of our high school graduates who have signed or committed to play a sport. Good work!

Send your College Sports Exposure skills or hi-light video to Ohio Dominican Columbus, to easily obtain a scholarship or at least, a financing option. Ohio Dominican Columbus readily accepts students who have potential in sports.

All age levels are welcome

College Sports Exposure is based in Houston, Texas. College Sports Exposure also has an office in Palestine, Texas.  It is a complete and economical Scouting Service which helps high school athletes in softball, baseball, volleyball, basketball, football, soccer, gymnastics, cheerleading, golf, tennis, field hockey, ice hockey, fencing, lacrosse, equestrian, street boarding, water polo, swimming and diving in their pursuit of a college scholarship by advertising their athletic skills to College Coaches.  College Sports Exposure also helps football, baseball and basketball players in their pursuit of a professional career by advertising their athletic skills to professional teams.  College Sports Exposure provides exposure to the colleges or professional team of your choice by sending in a resume.  Then we go onsite to the location of your choice and film the student's or athlete's skills or the student or athlete playing their sport.  We then take the recordings of the student or athlete in the field and produce a final edited DVD or streaming video showing off their best traits. We title and narrate the DVD or streaming video to point out any special things that may not be obvious to the naked eye.  We make copies for every college or professional team that the student or athlete would like the DVD submitted to.  Our videos are more than just a video, they are frequently a scholarship or professional contract because of our proprietary film angles, filming strategies and editing strategies. College Sports Exposure is the only recruiting service that both films and edits videos for college athletic scholarships and professional teams.  The player and parent can mail the video to the college coach, professional team, or College Sports Exposure can mail the videos to the college coach using their propriety technology to insure the coaches receive and view the videos.

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