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Why will the college coaches use this service?

Because it is free to the college coaches !

Because we contact the college coaches periodically during the year and ask them to check out your profiles. Many services and athletic clubs simply post your profile. Since the college coaches are never contacted, the coaches don't even know that your profile is posted.

Because we network with the college coaches at tournaments. College Sports Exposure usually attend several major softball, basketball and volleyball tournaments every year. For example, College Sports Exposure attends the NFCA sponsored Ronald Mc Donald in Spring-Klein, Texas; the 18U Gold Sector Tournament in Killeen, Texas, the Fireworks in Aurora, Colorado and the Independence Day Tournament in Boulder Colorado. College Sports Exposure renews their relationship with the coaches and develop new relationships at these tournaments. College Sports Exposure encourages the coaches at these tournaments to contact players on their on-line player profiles.

It's Secure A User Name and Password is required for the players and college coaches to view the profiles. College Sports Exposure contacts the college coaches and gives them the User Name and Password. College Coaches wishing to view the profiles can also contact College Sports Exposure. College Sports Exposure checks their credentials and then gives them the User Name and Password.

It's Economical For just $80.00, College Sports Exposure will create a personalized athletic profile that will be view nationwide by thousands of college coaches. If you wish to make an on-line purchase and pay with a credit card then visit our store page. If you choose to e-mail a picture for the resume, please e-mail the picture in *.JPEG format. Please make all checks out to "College Sports Exposure." If you mail us a photograph, please write your name and phone number on the back of the picture. Please mail any check or pictures to the address under our contact page.

Streaming Videos For just $40.00, College Sports Exposure attaches the players streaming video to their on-line player profile. Their video can be viewed by clicking on the. Camera icon.   All videos are viewed with Windows Media player. A high speed Internet connection such as Road Runner or DSL speeds up the downloading time of the videos.

Streaming videos are (1) instantaneous viewing and (2) saves the player money. Instantaneous means that the player can direct the coach to her or his profile and the coach can view the video immediately. Each player has their own unique profile, so the player just gives the college coach their profile website address and ask the coach to click on the camera. By directing the college coach to their streaming video, the player saves money since they have to mail out less videos.

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